Monday, September 27, 2004

Clutch Performers,By J. Michael Moore
Jonathan Wells used his feet all day against the Kansas City Chiefs. He got those tough, punishing yards for nearly four quarters.

But the running back’s soft hands on the game’s final drive made up for all the aches and pains he’ll have in his legs and knees Monday morning.

Wells replaced starting running back Domanick Davis early in the Texans 24-21 victory over the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. He then faced some of the more intense action he had seen since he led the team in rushing in 2002.

He stepped up numerous times, but a first-down catch out of the back field on third-and-seven kept the Texans final drive alive – a drive which culminated in Kris Brown’s game-winning field goal.

It was Wells’ only catch of the day and one of only three successful third-down conversions for the Texans (1-2).

“I’m always ready to play,” he said. “I work hard. I’ve just been waiting to get an opportunity. Today (Davis) went down so I felt it’s my duty to step up and play for the other guys on this team.”

Wells was banged up throughout training camp and moved to number two on the depth chart two weeks ago when Tony Hollings injured his knee. He carried the ball 10 times for 37 yards and scored on a two-point conversion against the Chiefs (0-3).

Davis suffered a sprained ankle in the game. The team doesn’t expect it to limit him much in the coming week.

Wells also played heavily on special teams, a role he has embraced as the Texans running attack changed since 2002.

But it was good to run the ball again.

Go Texas!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Four Times to Many

It's a simple plan really. Win. Just three seasons into there franchise, fans in Houston are seeking more production from there Texans. I know I am. Defensive guru, Dom Caper, didn't seem to bring the needed pressure on quaterback Drew Brees. Allowing Brees to complete 17 of 24 passes for 209 yards and 2 touchdown passes. Capers 3-4 front failed to stop the other L.T. Tomlinson ran for a buck 21 and score on top of Brees' performance.

Yet there is still faith in Houston for Capers. It is only the first game. The problem is lack of personal rather than the coaching and the scheming on the sidelines.

Even at that, it still isn't the reason for the 27-20 loss to the Chargers. The reason for the loss is the FOUR turnovers provided by the Texans offense. Next time that happens, you might as well gift wrap it, because all turnovers do is give the other team another chance and the momentum. No one is going to win a game with FOUR turnovers. No one.

Go Texans!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Texans Players...


...all the defensive and offensive starters are expected to return to practice, giving an early advantage in preparing for the opening day opponent.

Starters will play an even more critical role across the league in 2004 since teams are allowed to keep eight players on a practice squad instead of five. Capers said the increase will limit the amount of talent a team can pick up during the season.

For the first time in team history the Texans will start no rookies on offense. Altered practice schedules helped keep the team fresh throughout training camp. Capers said the change was a result of hard work the team put in during spring drills.

Way to go! Let's hope that all that hard work pays off.