Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Grief Strike Colts and Bucs

In NFL news, Tony Dungy’s son James died a few days before Christmas. The Indianapolis Colts and Buccaneers teams are mourning the beloved Dungy family’s loss and many attended the funeral proceedings. Both in Tampa and Indianapolis, Dungy is considered a great man, who treated his players as equals and encouraged them to be good role models through their actions. James was often seen attending practices his father coached and was sometimes even mistaken for a player because of his size. James was often called a gentle giant and many have expressed he will be sorely missed.

There is no word on when Dungy will return to coaching but he has gone public thanking everyone for their support and expressing his belief that his son is in a better place now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bush on the Block for Season Ender

Jerome Mathis is headed for the Pro Bowl in his rookie year. It is amazing to think that it has only been a year because Mathis achieved a lot in that time. We won against the Arizona Cardinals and I thought that was a pretty exciting game for us. Our season ender with the San Francisco 49ers will be even more exhilarating due to the fact that the loser of that match up gets first dibs on Reggie Bush. He is the Heisman Trophy winner from the USC Trojans who are going to be three time national champions very soon.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Brown Lets Texans Down

Once again the Texans had a chance to win a very close game and fell apart trying. The Texans had eight penalties for 72 yards in the game. Our wide receivers couldn’t get any yards, but Domanick Davis had a season high 139 yards rushing and one touchdown. This wasn’t our worst game but it could have been so much better if we could have avoided the mistakes that cost us so many yards. The Titans special teams played better than ours and made some big plays for the victor. The chance we had to tie the game was foiled when Kris Brown kicked a 31-yard field goal far left, missing the uprights completely.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Texans Fall Victim to Fourth Quarter Heroics

The Houston Texans played a reasonable game on Sunday against the Ravens. The score was close, 16-15, and our defense looked as good as it has all year. Inevitably the Ravens last minute power surge on offense made our defensive achievements of the game seem inadequate at best. We had the lead in the fourth quarter and it honestly looked like the Texans might win. In the final seconds the Ravens pulled off a field goal and we had no time for a comeback. So once again the Houston Texans fall victim to a fourth quarter change of fate.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Texan Lose, Breaking Records Along the Way

Disappointment is the theme again this season. The Baltimore Ravens are a team we have a chance of beating however. For a team that has a 1-10 record that may be saying a lot but I still have hope for this team to do something exciting before the season is over. We had a glimmer of hope in last week’s overtime loss to the St. Louis Rams when three of our players scored receiving touchdowns, a franchise first. David Carr completed over 70 percent of his passes and the defense racked up seven sacks, another franchise record. Overall I hope our Houston Texans can carry that intensity into the game against the Ravens.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chiefs Score Heavy on Texans

The Houston Texans chalked up another loss Sunday. This one was to the Kansas City Chiefs and the score was 45-17. Our special teams had an amazing day with 315 return yards and Jerome Mathis became the first player to have two kickoff returns for a touchdown this season. David Carr only got sacked once for the game; which was a pleasant surprise considering how poor our pass protection has been. But how can we have all these great plays and great stats and not a winning season. Domanick Davis had a touchdown and 110 rushing yards. Now that he is back we will probably see a return of the running game.

I don’t want to give up on the Texans now, but can we take what we learned this season, keep some key players and replace some others, and have a winning season in 2006.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Another Good Looking Loss

We will be facing the Kansas City Chiefs for the first time this season next Sunday. The Texans made a good showing against the Indianapolis Colts last week but couldn’t convert and didn’t win. David Car looked his best and there were some key turnovers. Overall we’re not in playoff contention and can’t seem to become a cohesive unit. What is the real root of the Houston Texans 1-8 record? Coaching? Or is it that we just haven’t gotten the best players in the draft and can’t attract any free agents

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Houston Texans Take a Vacation

The Houston Texans get a bye week while Houstonians leave the city. Hurricane Rita looked like it was heading to Galveston Island, which made everyone in Houston flip out, causing the worse traffic jam known to man. From Austin to Houston is a 2- to 3-hour drive--during last weekend it took people 15 hours to make that trip. The news teams in Houston said that the traffic jam was a hundred miles long. People were running out of gas and getting out and riding with other people to get out of town. There are still cars along Highway 183 from Lockhart to Austin that are just sitting there out of gas. Most of the gas stations were out of gas. You can call it a little insane but you can’t blame anyone due to Hurricane Rita coming right on the heels of Hurricane Katrina.

The next game for the Houston Texans will be against the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati. I hate to talk bad about the Texans, but this will be an easy win for the Bengals.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Houston Texans Get Creamed

Houston Texans hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers at home and losing 27-7. I do not like to play the blame-game when a team is doing as bad as they are, but firing the offensive coordinator Chris Palmer is a start. It seems that the offense is designed to be a passing team but they do not have a offensive line to hold back the defenders to give Carr enough time to pass the ball nor the receivers to catch the people. There are so many different talents on this team it is a shame that they can’t get it together. Luckily they have this week off so they can get ready for the Cincinnati Bengals for week four in Cincinnati. What team has disappointed you this year already?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Houston Texans Fans Feel Let Down

Houston Texans played the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at Buffalo. Leaving the Houston Texans feeling lost in the season. Even though it was the first game, the Houston Texans fans know that it is going to be a long season. There is not much to say about the Texans losing to Buffalo Bills 22-7. J.P. Losman passing over 164 yards and David Carr only passing 25 yards. This is one of the reasons the Houston Texans lost--there are many but one stands out: you can’t expect a good season when nobody steps up. The Houston Texans need to get a line for Carr to be behind. David Carr being sacked 5 times for 45 yards lost. Texans defense only bringing home one sack. The Houston Texans better figure something out because they are hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers at home in the Reliant Stadium. Here is a question for all those Houston Texans fans out there: Is David Carr really going to be who we all thought he was going to be?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Texans Get Beat By the Dallas Cowboys

With David Carr having a bad day at passing on Saturday at Texas Stadium. Throwing an interception in the beginning of the 2nd quarter. I could not tell who was really playing: the “rookie” David Carr or the one that has been playing these last few years.

This Thursday, they’ll be playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium, kick-off at 6:30pm. Hopefully the Houston Texans can beat the Buccaneers –after all, they have been playing the last pre-season game for four years. This should be an exciting week for all teams since September 11, 2005 is just around the corner.

Here is a question for thought: Who do you think will be out there competing for the most passing yards out of the whole NFL?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Houston Texans Are Ready

The first regular season game is on Sept. 11 against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. This should start the Texans’ season off well since both teams seem to be healthy. It all depends on the arm of Carr since they like to run the ball to open the pass play up, but truthfully I think they should use the pass to open the run game. It will be exciting to see this year the combo of Carr and Andre Johnson on the field. The real test of the season I think would be against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is only the second game of the season--that would be the game to be at. So don’t just sit there, be there!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More Ragone

The Houston Texans have to be happy with the production of back up quarterback Dave Ragone. Ragone has leaded his NFL Europe team, Berlin Thunder, to the World Bowl. Not only has he been winning but he has been doing it with ease.

He also leads the league in passer rating by 15 points. It really isn’t any competition for Ragone right now. Ragone was once thought of as a first round draft pick but had a terrible seniors since thanks to a badly put together offensive line.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dave Rangone

Dave Rangone, who has been in the third seat for David Carr, has been thriving in the NFLEL (National Football League Europe). Rangone has been playing with NFL Europe’s Berlin Thunder, where he has been maintaining his arm and showing that he might have the skills to come back as back-up to Carr.

Rangone has been leading the Thunder to a 6-2 record, which makes them one of the top teams in NFLEL. In their last game against Hamburg, Rangone threw for 258 yards and three scores. This gave them the victory with a score of 27-17.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


- from

Carr has all the tools to be a special quarterback, and he continues to improve as the Texans upgrade the talent around him. Carr stands to make the biggest improvement with timing routes, something the Texans plan to emphasize more of this season. The fourth-year quarterback has been sacked more than anyone in the league since 2002, and the Texans hope to improve in that area by putting more timing routes into their scheme. In order for that approach to work, Carr must make good decisions and get rid of the ball more quickly than he has at times during the past three seasons.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Corners are Set

When Houston first started their expansion draft, they made sure to fill up the corners with veteran players and they did so. Marcus Coleman and Aaron Glenn came to Houston and topped the charts through 2002-2003 with interceptions. Aaron Glenn has moved over to the Cowboys since and Coleman is now playing free safety.

With the spaces open, Houston has had the ability to bring in youthful talent and of course, they have done just this. Dunta Robinson has already shined in this position. Now with the addition of Phillip Buchanon, there should be great prowess in the corners.

Buchanon was acquired by Texas in a trade for two draft picks with Oakland. He was able to rack up 11 career picks, averaging 29.6 yards per return.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Kris Brown

Kris Brown has 74 percent effectiveness in field goal kicking for the Texans. Good enough for us. Brown has been resigned to a contract extension with the Texans. He joined the organization in 2002 as a restricted free agent from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown began his football career being drafted by Pittsburgh in 1999. He is 81/81 on extra points and has been busting up his stats every year since joining the Texans.

“Kris has been a major part of our team over the first three years. We expect him to continue to kick at a high level as our team improves. Kris is solid guy who is not only a good player but also has all of the leadership characteristics you look for in a football player.”
- Head coach Dom Capers

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Team Report:

- from

One sign the Texans are establishing more depth in their fourth year is the fact none of their draft picks is assured a starting job. In fact, fourth-round pick Jerome Mathis is more likely to start than first- or third-round pick Vernand Morency. Defensive lineman Travis Johnson was the team's first-round pick, but he'll play behind starters Gary Walker, Seth Payne and Robaire, and be worked into the rotation. Johnson definitely will play in passing situations. If Domanick Davis' history of nagging training-camp injuries continue, Morency could sneak into a starting job, but expect Mathis, a speedy receiver from Hampton, to be too explosive to keep off the field. . . .

The Texans will have to decide whether they want CB Phillip Buchanon to return punts. Buchanon was a dangerous punt returner in Oakland, but some teams shy away from using a starting player on returns because of the risk of injuries. Texans coach Dom Capers was reluctant to use CB Aaron Glenn in that role despite the fact Glenn excelled on returns earlier in his career with the Jets. However, when Capers was the coach in Carolina, he used 1,000-yard rusher Anthony Johnson on kickoffs. This much is certain: with Buchanon and Mathis, who returns kickoffs, on the roster, return specialist J.J. Moses' days with the Texans are numbered.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Delay but Still Good

As assumed, the Houston Texans were able to get the draft choice they were looking for. Houston began in the 13th slot, but decided to trade down for a third round choice in the next draft. The owner’s saw this as a good deal and it paid of. The player that they were looking to get, defensive tackle Travis Johnson, was still undrafted at 16. The Texans traded picks with the New Orleans Saints.

“Clearly, when we got to 13, there was a group of players, and we would’ve been happy with any of them. We would’ve taken Travis Johnson at 13, but we were offered the chance to move back with an extra pick for next year—a third-round pick, which is a good pick—to move back three spots. We felt comfortable that Travis Johnson could be there, and other players could be there.”
- Charley Casserly

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

David Carr and Juvenile Diabetes

David Carr has been making efforts in order to boost the discovery of preventive care for juvenile diabetes. This is due to Carr having a son, Austin, who was diagnosed with this ailment. Now Carr is taking up the path of such people as Boomer Esiason and Doug Flutie in finding a cure for their child as any father would.

“I always remember watching guys like Boomer Esiason and Doug Flutie, who had sons that needed to be taken care of but in turn they were able to reach millions of people and raise awareness. I always thought that was something that I would eventually be blessed to do.”
- David Carr

It’s a great thing when people who face stardom on a daily basis are able bring about more awareness to problems we all face. Carr may have never even thought about juvenile diabetes before, but now he is making all efforts in his power to find a cure.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


- from

Running back Domanick Davis has surpassed 1,000 yards each of his first two seasons, but the jury is still out on his durability. Davis is short, but hardly small. His lower body strength is as good as any back in the league. Nevertheless, staying healthy has been an issue. The Texans would like to be able to count on Davis as their back of the future, but don't be surprised if they draft a running back to provide insurance in the event Davis battles injuries for a third consecutive year. If healthy, Davis is the complete package. In addition to being a determined runner with great vision and cutback skills, Davis also is a sure-handed receiver who has become a safety blanket when quarterback David Carr has to get rid of the ball in a hurry.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Running Back Prospects

Houston is currently looking towards running backs sparkling in the eyes of the scouts. Typically running backs are further down the line for demands, taking positions much later in draft picks. The Texans have three particular prospects in demand.

The first is Carnell “Cadillac” Williams from the Auburn Tigers. During his stint with Auburn, he stacked up 3,872 career rushing yards and 45 touchdowns. Along with him, Ronnie Brown also is out of Auburn. Being secondary to Williams, Brown rushed 2,725 yards and 28 touchdowns himself and has shown versatility. Since he is a little bit bigger than Williams, Brown has been able to jump over to pass blocker and receiver with no problem.

And holding up the end, Cedric Benson is the hot prospect out of the University of Texas (GO LONGHORNS!). Benson stacked up 5,577 yards with four 1,000-yard seasons. These were real high stats but also a lot of wear and tear.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


- from

The Texans' emphasis will be on providing better protection for Carr, who has been sacked more than any quarterback in the league over the past three years. Carr is too mobile -- not to mention too valuable -- to justify the beating he has taken. Expect the team to use more three-step drops to get the ball out of Carr's hand more quickly. The team also should continue to develop the moving-pocket schemes that worked so well early last season. Carr seemed to be most vulnerable when the pocket collapsed and he couldn't get outside. Offensive coordinator Chris Palmer will make protecting Carr the No. 1 priority even if it means sending fewer receivers on passing routes. . . .

When TE Bennie Joppru finally gets over the groin injury that robbed the first two years of his career, he'll add another dimension to the offense. Joppru has great hands and was considered a gifted blocker coming out of Michigan in 2003, but he hasn't played an NFL game in two years and remains a mystery to the Texans.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Preseason Schedule

The opening games of the preseason schedule have been released. The Texans will begin with a game against the Denver Broncos. Houston has lost all three of the previous meetings with Denver (two preseason games and a regular season game).

Afterwards, Houston will take on the Oakland Raiders during Week 2. This will be the first preseason game the Texans have faced against the Raiders.

Week 3 will be on the road against the Dallas Cowboys in Texas Stadium. The two previous games will be hosted at home in Houston at the Reliant Stadium. These two teams have met on three different occasions.

The closeout game will be against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is the fourth-consecutive year that the Texans will closeout the preseason against the Bucs.

All other aspects of preseason scheduling are still up in the air.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Eric Sutulovich Returns

After a 3- year term as Assistant Special Teams/Administrative Assistant, Eric Sutulovich will be returning to the Texans for another year. Sutulovich began his career as a tight end for Louisiana Tech from 1993-95. He was also part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes between 1992 and 1999.

Sutulovich’s Coaching Extent :
  • 2002-05: Assistant Special Teams/Administrative Assistant, Houston Texans
  • 2001: Offensive Coordinator, Fort Scott Community College
  • 2000-2001: Offensive Graduate Assistant, University of Pittsburgh
  • 2000: Assistant Head Coach /Offensive Coordinator, Casper Cavalry
  • 1999: Assistant Football Coach, Bishop Ward High School
  • 1997-99: Offensive Graduate Assistant, Louisiana Tech University

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Updating Houstonians

- from

The Texans anticipated Seattle and St. Louis locking up Pro Bowl left tackles Walter Jones and Orlando Pace, respectively, but had their fingers crossed nonetheless. Quarterback David Carr's backside was vulnerable last season, and if the Texans had a chance to land a premier left tackle, they were prepared to pursue it in free agency, but now it's more likely the team will stick with Seth Wand and hope he improves in his second full season as a starter. Coaches drew similarities between Wand and Tony Boselli when the Texans picked Wand in the third round of the 2003 draft. Wand played at tiny Northwest Missouri State and is very raw. His run blocking is miles ahead of his pass protection, and at times he appears better suited to play right tackle. Speed rushers gave him problems in 2004, but the coaches still believe he will develop into a quality left tackle. . . .

The Texans are pleased with the progress free safety Marcus Coleman is making in his recovery from a shoulder injury that prematurely ended his season. Coleman made a smooth transition from cornerback to free safety in 2004, and he solidified a position that had been a problem spot for the Texans. With Coleman at free safety and Glenn Earl, who is entering his second season, manning the strong safety position, the Texans feel good about their starters, but depth could be a concern. Jason Simmons and Marlon McCree were the top reserves at the positions last season, but both are free agents and could bolt for other teams, although Simmons seems content with his role as a special teams player and utility defensive back. The Texans believe former college option quarterback Jammal Lord potentially could emerge as a viable backup to Coleman. Ramon Walker is an option behind Earl at strong safety, but he missed most of last season recovering from knee surgery, and he is more of a special teams contributor. Finding a safety should be in the Texans' draft day plans. . . .

The Texans aren't likely to add a player who single-handedly fixes their pass rush. That's more likely to come from a player currently on the roster, perhaps outside linebackers Jason Babin or Antwan Peek. In the meantime, the team will explore scheme options to get more pressure on the quarterback. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio held back much of his playbook last season because the Texans started three rookies on defense, and he didn't want to overwhelm them. Inside linebacker Jamie Sharper, cornerback Dunta Robinson and free safety Marcus Coleman are excellent blitzers, and if the Texans can't generate a pass rush the conventional way, expect them to pressure the quarterback from different angles more than they have the previous three seasons.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Andre Johnson

- from the official site of the Houston Texans

PRO: One of the league’s best receivers and fastest-rising offensive stars…possesses enviable combination of speed and strength…earned a Pro Bowl berth in just his second season, the first Texans offensive player to make the trip to Honolulu…has already hauled in 145 career passes for 2,118 yards (14.6 avg.), holding Texans career marks in both categories…also has 10 career TD catches, including six last season, which tied a franchise record…has seven career 100-yard receiving games, most in club annals…has caught in pass in all 32 career games…broke his own club records in 2004 for single-season receptions (79) and receiving yards (1,129)…also set single-game team marks with 12 receptions and 170 yards versus Minnesota…dangerous in the open field, leading the NFL in yards after catch (6.1 per reception) this past season after ranking fourth in that category in 2003…exploded onto the scene as a rookie, catching 66 passes for 976 yards and four TDs…led all AFC rookies in receptions and receiving yards…finalist for NFL Rookie of the Year Award after snagging two NFL Rookie of the Week honors…originally selected by the Texans in the first round (third overall) of the 2003 NFL Draft.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

FCA Honoring McNair

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is about to award Robert McNair (Chairman/CEO of the Houston Texans) with the President George H. W. Bush Community Impact Award. This award is given to someone who has had a beneficial impact on their surrounding society as a positive role model, retained Christian leadership, and had some level of athletic achievement.

McNair is best known for his former ownership of Cogen Electronics (sold in 1998). He formed Houston NFL Holdings in 1998 and became a great proponent in bringing the sport back to the city.

Being only the fifth person to receive this award, this must be a great honor for McNair. The award will be presented to him by President George W. Bush and his wife Mrs. Bush. Tom Landry has also been a recipient of this honor. The banquet will be held March 8th, 2005.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Texans and Tsunami Relief

Recently, the Houston Texans donated $300,000 to the Bush-Clinton Fund. The Bush-Clinton Fund was setup as a relief effort for the devastation that was caused by the tsunami in late December.

This marks a great point in this franchise history, no matter how youthful it is. The team made this effort in order to give a helping hand to areas that really need it right now. With efforts being made by all sides, Houstonians are trying to get together to make a donation of $100 million by the end of the month.

"To me the Houston Texans are the class of the NFL and they exhibit that in so many ways, just like today by stepping up with the biggest contribution of any NFL team to help the victims of this horrible tragedy."
- Jim McIngvale, Texans corporate partner

Monday, January 24, 2005

Passing Protection

In consideration that David Carr is the Texans franchise quarterback. One would have to think that protection for the young talent would be top priority, and from the end of 2002 through the entire 2003 season, it was.

In 2004 that was not the case.

Some argue it might be the scheme set up for Carr, I beg to defer. I feel the personal is what must be change. There was three new addition to the O-line. On the left side there was Seth Wand at left tackle and Chester Pitts at left guard. These are the guys that protect Carr's blind side. I would look to free agency for a new left tackle and use the draft to groom a left guard.

The other newbe was Todd Wade at right tackle and even though he struggle here and there I think he will be fine after this next off-season.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Cards Your Dealt

It is true at the beginning of everything, whether it is birth, or a relationship, or in this case a season; everyone is dealt their own hand and there is nothing you can do about it.

It isn't such a bad thing either. Simply because, it is how you play your hand that counts. And so far the Texans have been slowing playing the NFL and little by little the Texans are make themselves known as competitor instead of the "expansion team". As the card will unfold next year, the NFL will come to terms with the young and hungry Texans.

Every single category that Dom Capers set for improving from last year did in fact improve. Improve so much that six rookies starting for the Texans did not play like rookies.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"And It's Only Getting Better"

It is tough to be an expansion team, but it is not like the Texans are not making strides in improving. Now they have a pro- bowl receiver in Andre Johnson, they also have 1000 yard rusher D. Davis.

David Carr is learning and probable has the hardest job on the team with the biggest shoes to fill.

And Dom Cappers knows this, but Cappers keep his faith in his first draft as the Houston's number cruncher. Though it is no secret that Cappers his a guru when it comes to the numbers.

With the season over for the Texans all we can do is wait and see. I'll will do my best to keep you all informed of the behind the scenes. And up to date with playoffs and draft.