Sunday, January 30, 2005

Texans and Tsunami Relief

Recently, the Houston Texans donated $300,000 to the Bush-Clinton Fund. The Bush-Clinton Fund was setup as a relief effort for the devastation that was caused by the tsunami in late December.

This marks a great point in this franchise history, no matter how youthful it is. The team made this effort in order to give a helping hand to areas that really need it right now. With efforts being made by all sides, Houstonians are trying to get together to make a donation of $100 million by the end of the month.

"To me the Houston Texans are the class of the NFL and they exhibit that in so many ways, just like today by stepping up with the biggest contribution of any NFL team to help the victims of this horrible tragedy."
- Jim McIngvale, Texans corporate partner

Monday, January 24, 2005

Passing Protection

In consideration that David Carr is the Texans franchise quarterback. One would have to think that protection for the young talent would be top priority, and from the end of 2002 through the entire 2003 season, it was.

In 2004 that was not the case.

Some argue it might be the scheme set up for Carr, I beg to defer. I feel the personal is what must be change. There was three new addition to the O-line. On the left side there was Seth Wand at left tackle and Chester Pitts at left guard. These are the guys that protect Carr's blind side. I would look to free agency for a new left tackle and use the draft to groom a left guard.

The other newbe was Todd Wade at right tackle and even though he struggle here and there I think he will be fine after this next off-season.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Cards Your Dealt

It is true at the beginning of everything, whether it is birth, or a relationship, or in this case a season; everyone is dealt their own hand and there is nothing you can do about it.

It isn't such a bad thing either. Simply because, it is how you play your hand that counts. And so far the Texans have been slowing playing the NFL and little by little the Texans are make themselves known as competitor instead of the "expansion team". As the card will unfold next year, the NFL will come to terms with the young and hungry Texans.

Every single category that Dom Capers set for improving from last year did in fact improve. Improve so much that six rookies starting for the Texans did not play like rookies.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"And It's Only Getting Better"

It is tough to be an expansion team, but it is not like the Texans are not making strides in improving. Now they have a pro- bowl receiver in Andre Johnson, they also have 1000 yard rusher D. Davis.

David Carr is learning and probable has the hardest job on the team with the biggest shoes to fill.

And Dom Cappers knows this, but Cappers keep his faith in his first draft as the Houston's number cruncher. Though it is no secret that Cappers his a guru when it comes to the numbers.

With the season over for the Texans all we can do is wait and see. I'll will do my best to keep you all informed of the behind the scenes. And up to date with playoffs and draft.