Thursday, December 14, 2006


We were doing so good. We were up more than a touchdown. We let them take it to overtime and when we applied pressure with the blitz Young found a hole! Nice footwork Vince, way to pick a line that will score not only ending the game, but my hopes and desires as well. I am not dissatisfied with my Houston Texans, I just wanted to see a win over the Tennesee Titans. I would have put the same blitz on when they put vince in shotgun position. I mean after watching Rob Birionas kick a 60 yarder you cannot let the Titans anywhere near the uprights. The blitz was a gutsy but overall correct call. Even a 6 yard gain put Birionas in kicking distance. Carr did very well not allowing a single turnover throughout the game. Vince Young fared not so well even though he was on the winning team and made the play of the day according to everyone. I do not disagree I love seeing a QB sneak, especially one that scores. Keep your head in the game guys, you cannot mess around against the New England Patriots this Sunday.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

TNT is Dynomite

The Houston Texans and The Tennessee Titans face off this Sunday at noon. The Oilers left Houston after being shunned by fans for several sub par seasons and moved to Tennesee to give the folks in The Smoky Mountains a team to celebrate. They aptly named themselves, in the face of those giant mountains, The Tennessee Titans. Houston, not a city to be shown up, formed The Houston Texans and a rivalry was born. The Titans, being a pre-existing team, have always had the upper hand over thier little brothers in the AFC south. The record thus far stands at Houston with 3 wins and Tennesee with 7, more than doubling the younger team. The Texans just recently lost again to the Titans at the end of October with a score of 28-22. With both teams pushing 20+ points it was a game to watch. We can expect more of the same as Carr wanting to get 225 passing yards this game to push him up over the 13,000 career mark. Carr is also very close to accomplishing the 70% completion mark which only 3 others have done in the past 26 years. Rookie Vince Young, being from Houston, is definitely wanting to show off to his hometown crowd when the two teams face-off in Reliant Stadium December 10th.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Enough with the injuries!

The Texans will put 2 more names onto the injured reserve list as of Monday when Kubiak made his press announcement after a loss to the Jets. Sage Rosenfels is going on IR with a broken thumb. The broken ribs on Mike Flanagan will keep him out for a while. Kubiak brought in veteran Bradley Van Pelt to be ready behind Carr should the team be stricken with more injuries. The team hopes to better their 3-8 record next week in California playing in front of those crazy Oakland Raiders fans.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bring the pain

The Texans will pay a heavy price for thier win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. 4 players will miss time due to injuries sustained in the game. Zach Weigert tore his ACl and will miss the rest of the season while rookie Eric Winston replaces him at right tackle. Antwan Peek, Lewis Sanders, and Travis Johnson will all be on IR for now. Glenn Earl dislocated a finger but a splint and proper care will have him ready to play. David Carr left in the second half wounded but should recover and be ready this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Jameel Cook's nagging knee injury will have him miss some practice, let's hope he can retain his form. Will Kubiak make another bold move going for first down at 4th and 1?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Clean as a whistle until the end

The Houston Texans played a great game against the Giants. It was a hit or miss type of thing, and the Texans missed, twice. First with the wide 42 yard field goal attempt by Kris Brown. Then second, when we were in scoring postion, with just 5 minutes left on the clock Jameel Cook fumbled the ball and it was picked up by the Giants who then ran the clock down with 3 first downs. You played great guys. If you keep that up in the second half of the season I might have another victory to be proud of.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Giant Sacs

After attaining several motion penalties in last weeks loss to the Titans, the Texans will need to focus to go up against a defense like The Giants have. I hope Carr has all his pads on straight because he is probably going to get hit this Sunday. With Texans offensive lineman Charles Spencer out for the year and replacement Ephriam Salaam now suffering injuries left tackle is not looking great. To make matters worse, right tackle, Zach Weigert is suffering from knee pain and has missed some practice time this week. Oh no. Things are looking grim as the Texans travel to meet the Giants.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Tough one

It will be difficult to cheer for my Texans this sunday when they take the field against the Tennessee Titans. I, being from south Texas myself, like to watch Vince Young but also being from Houston have the hometown team feeling. It is sure to be a great match no matter whoI root for. 2 of the top 3 draft picks will be meeting up in this game so watching thier performance against each other in thier rookie year will be interesting to say the least.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Houston No Worse Than 2005

Hey, it only took us to Week 7 to match our win total of last season. But enough about past times.

What was most encouraging about our solid 27-7 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars was that we presented a defense. I knew we kinda sucked at defense, but it hadn't sunk in how badly until the sportscasters were contrasting our 418-yards-a-game average coming into this one with the mere 220 yards we gave up this time.

Beautiful to force some turnovers, too! Especially when they blossom into TDs! Why didn't I buy tickets for that one??

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The stars at night

10 years ago, the Oilers left the state known for it's rich oil reserves and many derricks. A long wait of 6 years passed beofore Houston was given The Texans and 70 thousand people packed the newly constructed Reliant Stadium to witness the new team kick the snot out of thier neighbors to the north. No Houston resident was dissapointed as thier boys took the win with a 19-10 victory over the Cowboys. Well history repeats itself and after a week off the field the Texans will be heading to Dallas for another historical match again the Dallas Cowboys on thier home field, Texas Stadium. It really doesn't matter who loses when Texas Wins!

Friday, October 06, 2006

My Hometown

I do miss Houston. The Bayou City with the newest NFL franchise around. The Houston Texans, led by David Carr, were showing promise in the preseason as thier record showed a 3-1 W-L ratio. The real deal is upon us though and the team is struggling, losing thier first three games of the regular season, thier record has done a 180 and now stands at a measly 1-3 W-L. Carr will have some time to think for a while as the Texans enter thier bye week after a much needed victory over the miami Dolphins. Carr and crew will return to the field on October 15th to face off against thier home state rivals, The Dallas Cowboys! I still need to go get a ticket for this one. What was I thinking!?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You, Mario!

Yep, all the Houston Texans folks were watching when Mario Williams reached up and popped the football out of its trajectory towards Miami's Chris Chambers and a two-point conversion that would have tied today's game with the Miami Dolphins at 17 with seconds to go. Well, everybody was watching but Gary Kubiak, that is; the coach said sometimes he finds he just has to make the call and walk away.

One thing Kubiak can look at now is the end of our winless streak, which stood at 3 losses this season plus a couple from last year if you wanted to go back that far. Me, I'd rather look at this and look ahead to an extra week of gearing up to take on the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium on the 15th. Got your tickets, Texans?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Twice the frustration for Houston

Been away for awhile, but this time of year there’s more MLB action than NFL. And one thing with baseball – sometimes your ticket buys you extra innings. The other night at Minute Maid Park Houston Astros fans got two games’ worth of play for the price of one. Unfortunately, the final outcome was Chicago Cubs 8, Astros 6.

Rare as this is, there were two games that went 18 innings Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. In the other one, the Arizona Diamondbacks finally beat the Colorado Rockies 2-1 at Coors Field.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Come on Coach. Put me in!

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans has been signed to the Houston Texans. The second-round draft pick will be competing for a starting job in training camp this summer. Training camp starts July 27th and a lot of changes are going to be made. Some I will understand and others I will have to ponder. The Texans have been famous for poor decision making and weak strategies in their short history. Hopefully the changes being made will bring us one step closer to our goal of turning the Texans into a real contender. A winner.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals

The Dallas Mavericks won game 3 of the Western Conference Finals last nigh despite trailing the Phoenix Suns for most of the firs half. The 95-88 victory was due mostly to stellar performances from Dirk Nowitzki and Josh Howard. They played error free and Nowitzki ended the night with 28 points and a whopping 17 rebounds while Josh put forth 22 points and 12 rebounds for his part. If we can do that in Phoenix there is no doubt in my mind that we can win again on Tuesday and back home on Thursday.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

What were they thinking?

The Texans were not out to shock anyone with their first round draft choice but seemed to anyway. Of course everyone was expecting us to go for Vince Young but we chose Mario Williams for his talents as a pass rusher. This apparently is a very important area of expertise in the eyes of Bob McNair and the Houston Texans. I hope they are right because I am feeling a little weird about our choice not to pick a star QB. I thought we needed that a little more than a beefed up pass rush.

Monday, April 10, 2006

What I do with my evenings.

I love to watch the Daily Show on Comedy Central. That show is so witty and cutting edge. Jon Stewart says all the things that should be said about the inconsistencies and mistakes of the current administration in this country. I love that he calls attention to the lies we are being told about the Iraq war and the terrorism threat. Hopefully more and more people will realize that the liberal agenda is not to gain party control but to improve the way this country’s democracy functions.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Longhorns Advance While Texans Rebuild

While the Houston Texans rebuild, my attention has been drawn away by March Madness. I watched Texas beat Pennsylvania and it was quite a game. The Longhorns are a great squad and have as much talent as the Longhorns of college football.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mathis and Hall Meet Again

Houston Texans fans had all eyes on Jerome Mathis this week. The Pro Bowl kick returner faced off against his old high school rival DeAngelo Hall of the Atlanta Falcons and lost by a hair. The two grew up in neighboring towns in Virginia and had run side-by-side many times prior to meeting to compete for the NFL’s fastest man.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Coordinators Make Good Coaches

Well I don’t know about you, but I am cheering for the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers this Sunday. A Super Bowl between those two teams sounds like great entertainment to me. I’ll still be wearing my Houston Texans ball cap though so don’t get mad at me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nice to See You, Vince Young!

It was great to catch a glimpse of Houston's own Vince Young, who came home to serve as Grand Marshal of our Martin Luther King Day Parade. But, even though the National Champion Texas Longhorns are sorry to lose their amazing quarterback...we're hoping Austin's loss will be our gain. Vince, you know you will be right at home with the Houston Texans!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Don’t Lose Hope for the Texans

The hope that the Houston Texans will get Reggie Bush or Vince Young is hanging in the balance. We are looking to build a team that will be respected in the NFL and that is going to take a miracle after our 2005 season flopped. Who will be our next head coach and who will be our first draft pick are the big questions looming over us right now. We were building on our team and our record before we lost control of the 2005 season and are now far from becoming one of the NFL’s elite. Anything can happen in 2006 so I don’t want to lose hope.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Capers Reflective After Release

The Texans abysmal season ended this week with the dismissal of head coach Don Capers. The players appeared shaken by the news and one in particular, Todd Washington, made a point to personally thank the coach for bringing him from Tampa and giving him a chance to play. Capers did express a sense of disappointment that things didn’t work out the way he had hoped and it looks like it is hard for him to leave because he never got to see his team start winning games. He will be remembered for being our first head coach but hopefully we will be moving on to better days under new leadership.