Thursday, December 14, 2006


We were doing so good. We were up more than a touchdown. We let them take it to overtime and when we applied pressure with the blitz Young found a hole! Nice footwork Vince, way to pick a line that will score not only ending the game, but my hopes and desires as well. I am not dissatisfied with my Houston Texans, I just wanted to see a win over the Tennesee Titans. I would have put the same blitz on when they put vince in shotgun position. I mean after watching Rob Birionas kick a 60 yarder you cannot let the Titans anywhere near the uprights. The blitz was a gutsy but overall correct call. Even a 6 yard gain put Birionas in kicking distance. Carr did very well not allowing a single turnover throughout the game. Vince Young fared not so well even though he was on the winning team and made the play of the day according to everyone. I do not disagree I love seeing a QB sneak, especially one that scores. Keep your head in the game guys, you cannot mess around against the New England Patriots this Sunday.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

TNT is Dynomite

The Houston Texans and The Tennessee Titans face off this Sunday at noon. The Oilers left Houston after being shunned by fans for several sub par seasons and moved to Tennesee to give the folks in The Smoky Mountains a team to celebrate. They aptly named themselves, in the face of those giant mountains, The Tennessee Titans. Houston, not a city to be shown up, formed The Houston Texans and a rivalry was born. The Titans, being a pre-existing team, have always had the upper hand over thier little brothers in the AFC south. The record thus far stands at Houston with 3 wins and Tennesee with 7, more than doubling the younger team. The Texans just recently lost again to the Titans at the end of October with a score of 28-22. With both teams pushing 20+ points it was a game to watch. We can expect more of the same as Carr wanting to get 225 passing yards this game to push him up over the 13,000 career mark. Carr is also very close to accomplishing the 70% completion mark which only 3 others have done in the past 26 years. Rookie Vince Young, being from Houston, is definitely wanting to show off to his hometown crowd when the two teams face-off in Reliant Stadium December 10th.